Frequently Asked Questions

Primer: Questions, Pods and Workbooks

How does practicing questions work on Learningpod?

Learningpod lets students practice in "tutor" mode – once answered, each question is immediately followed with the results, including the correct answer and explanations (if any). Questions can be practiced individually (example) or within question sets called pods.

What kind of question types does Learningpod support?

  • Multiple choice: a question that presents mutiple answer choices with one correct answer.
  • Multiple select: a question that presents multiple answer choices with multiple correct answers.
  • Short answer: a question that asks the user to enter their own answer.
  • Guided question: a pre-answered question that includes an explanation.

What is a pod?

A pod is a set of questions (example). Pods can be assigned to groups as quizzes, homework or extra practice.

What is a workbook?

A workbook is a collection of pods organized around a subject or exam (example).


Writing Questions and Creating Pods

How do I create a pod (set of questions)?

You need to be a Learningpod member to create pods. Once you’re logged in, find a question you’d like to add to a pod.

  1. Find the white ACTIONS button at the top of the question page.
  2. Click on the ACTIONS button and select “Add Question to Pod.”
  3. If you’ve never created a pod before, you’ll be asked to start a new one. Click on the blue “new draft pod” link.
    In this example we’re adding a question titled “Which triangle is similiar to this triangle?”
  4. Name your new pod and give it a description.
  5. You’ll see that you’ve added your first question. Click on the blue “Done” link.
  6. Find more questions and use the ACTIONS button to add them. Select which pod you want to add them to.
  7. You can edit your pod by clicking on the link within Added to pod in Step 6 or by going to your dashboard. You can update your pod title, reorganize your questions, and add categories.
    When you’re ready, publish your pod using the blue PUBLISH POD button at the bottom of the page.


User Roles: Becoming a Learningpod Author

What is a Learningpod Author?

"Learningpod Author" is a special role for members that you can only earn by contributing meaningful content (questions or explanations) to the Learningpod library. Being a Learningpod Author gives you more power and recognition on the website.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a Learningpod Author?

Once you become a Learningpod Author, a badge highlighting your status will show up next to your name.

  • Bronze Author badge Bronze Author
  • Silver Author badge Silver Author
  • Gold Author badge Gold Author

As a Learningpod Author, you no longer have to wait for your explanations to be approved – they will become public as soon as you publish them.

Learningpod Authors can also choose to list their questions and pods within our search results and browse pages for more visibility and usage. Put simply, your content will show up when people look for it on our site.

Non-authors can only have unlisted questions and pod. Unlisted content can always be accessed if you know the URL (link location) but will not show up on our search or browse pages.

How do I become a Learningpod Author?

You can become Learningpod Author by writing meaningful questions or explanations. Our admins are always on the lookout for new subject experts. But you don't have to wait for us to find you. You can email if you meet the requirements below and would like to apply for an upgrade.

  • Bronze Authors must have written at least one explanation or question.
  • Silver Authors must have written at least 20 questions.
  • Gold Authors must have written at least 100 questions.

Why do some users have a crown icon next to their names?

Users with the crown icon() are publishers who work with Learningpod to help provide free questions to everyone.

How to use the Group Access Code

Join group using code

You can now join a group by using an access code provided by a group owner. To do so, just log into your dashboard, and enter the code in the "Join Group" box located on the bottom left.
Join Group

Generate group codes

A group code will be automatically generated whenever you create a new group.
Join Group

For groups without a group code, you can also manually generate a new code from the "Manage Group" page.
Join Group